Our chefs offer a new type of French-Italian fusion cuisine that transcends genre, drawing on elements of four styles of cuisine — French, Italian, Hawaiian and Japanese.
Our main chefs are all from Japan. Their sensibilities and experience provide delicately and carefully prepared dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in the local dining scene in Hawaii.

Chef Chikayoshi Nishihara

Chikayoshi Nishihara

"Based on the concept of Italian food in Hawaii, our menu is inspired by the local cuisine of the oceanfront and the southern regions of Italy and France. We use ingredients not only from Hawaii, but also from the U.S. mainland and Japan, creating dishes that bring out the best of the ingredients."


Chef Chikayoshi began his culinary career at the age of 23, when he was impressed by the delicious taste of a French-Italian restaurant he happened to dine in. At the age of 24, he joined Bernini Honolulu and has been working here ever since.

Chef Takeshi Inoue

Takeshi Inoue

"Here at Bernini Honolulu in Hawaii, I am dedicated to creating dishes that will be loved by our guests, utilizing the culinary experience I have cultivated throughout my career."


After graduating from a culinary school in Osaka, Chef Takeshi started his career at the French restaurant Ginza L'Ecrin and became a sous chef at Yokohama Motomachi Mutekiro. He then became head chef of a hotel restaurant that had just opened. He spent a year and a half training in Paris in partnership with Dominique Bouchet, a restaurant in Paris, France with a Michelin star. He also worked at Ore No French restaurants in Ebisu, Kagurazaka, Tokyo and Yokohama. He was also head chef of okcs Retreat Hakone före.

Chef Toshihiro Kobayashi

Toshihiro Kobayashi

"Using energetic ingredients from Hawaii, I use the fundamentals of French cuisine as the basis for my Italian expression. I create creative cuisine that transcends genre by utilizing elements of four styles of cuisine: French, Italian, Hawaiian and Japanese."


Chef Toshihiro began honing his culinary skills at a famous French restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo in 2006, learning the art of French cuisine for over 10 years before moving to Hawaii, where he became chef of Bernini Honolulu in 2018.