About Bernini Honolulu

Established in Hawaii in 2011, Bernini Honolulu celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021. Thanks to the support and patronage of our customers, we continue to evolve each day into the next phase of our growth.
We offer a creative fusion cuisine that combines the essence of French cuisine with the casual flair of Italian cuisine.
Our passionate, beautifully creative cuisine, prepared with a delicate Japanese sensibility using Hawaii's unique ingredients, has been well received and enjoyed by the local Hawaiian community for many years.

A restaurant is a living thing

We believe that the chef's passion for cooking and the energy of the people who work at the restaurant are transmitted throughout the restaurant and to the customers.
This is why we are always evolving and staying fresh.
We are not bound by any particular genre, but are free, flexible and always looking for new challenges in our cuisine.
We are constantly striving to create dishes that are full of creativity for our guests to enjoy.



As a restaurant with a Japanese owner, we place great importance on the Japanese fundamanetal spirit of Ometenashi (hospitality), and we strive to provide the finest service to our customers.
Chefs from Japan play a central role in our restaurant. Their attention to detail and care is naturally reflected in the food we serve. We are pleased to accommodate guests with food allergies whenever possible.

Bar counter

Bar counter

In May 2022, we opened a bar counter with a selection of wines and cocktails. It is the perfect spot to stop by, whether by yourself or with a group of friends.